How can You find Web Hosting with Let's Encrypt support?

How to get the best web hosting and essential things to consider!

One of the essential things in the modern business world is the way a company is going to present itself in the highly competitive market (the same, of course, goes for individuals). Digital marketing is a vital factor in approaching potential customers and properly addressing their needs. The ones who don’t produce engaging online content to attract the possible service users automatically lose their place in today’s business. In order to do so, they need to make their website as reachable as they can, and they cannot achieve that goal without using the web hosting of the highest caliber.

Our choice for you would be Webhosting1st, a Polish company which proved to be fast, dependable and not too expensive. They offer different types of plans for different customers, trying to suit everyone’s needs accordingly. For regular users, the prices vary from 10 to 20 dollars per year, whereas business users pay from 3 to 7,5 dollars a month. Considering the range of services they offer, it is quite a decent price. First of all, it is nice to have access to a certain web space 24/7/365 – whenever you want it and whenever you need it. Unlimited domains, databases (including MySQL), email and FTP accounts also help a lot. I have to mention that this company supports Let’s Encrypt hosting, and offers a free ssl certificate hosting, fighting for the public benefit and aiming to make encrypted connections omnipresent. But, to understand this goal better, first, we have to know what SSL is.

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a technology which serves to provide an encrypted link between a server and a browser, thus making sure that the privacy of the data between those two remains completely intact. SSL is crucial for the safety of online transactions between millions of websites and their potential and actual customers. Thus, to create such a connection, a server requires a Certificate, which will usually consist of your address, city, country, domain and company name. It doesn’t seem complicated to a regular eye, but the SSL protocol is very complicated and very important for the preservation of your data’s privacy. By offering free SSL hosting to its customers, Webhosting1st proves that it cares for its community, and the well-being and comfort of the users comes first.

Why should I use SSL?

SSL is already a standard in this industry, and using it is the only logical choice compared to the alternatives. Simply put, in this age of global surveillance and ever-present privacy invasions which leave regular users’ private data at the disposal of large corporations, every person has to do whatever is in their power to prevent further leaks and resist global slavery. People need to stand up for their right to privacy, even though SSL is only a small step towards exercising it. When a hosting company, such as Webhosting1st gives out a free SSL Certificate, everyone should accept it with open arms. Most of our private data are being collected on a daily basis, only by our being online or on social networks. If SSL is a way to protect ourselves at least a little, we should not hesitate, but grab the opportunity as soon as possible.